Saturday, May 6 | 6:30 - 9pm | Pack Square, Asheville

Ready to get down with your tribe, Morphonic playing on the most badass 22 speaker sound system, at the coolest venue in the southeast?

Like we know, the power of 'synergy and symbiosis' is what we share together on the dance-floor at StarTribe. Plain and simple, connection with other good hearted people is the treasure we value most.

It's been tried and true for millennia that there’s something very special about a community, like StarTribe (that's you!), sharing in this synergy and symbiosis we discover together.

So hooray for such a special opportunity to do what we love most to kick off spring at the beautiful Pack Square Park amphitheater, the value of which is to be discovered together on the dance floor!


  • Door opens 6:15pm
  • StarTribe dances are rain, snow, or shine!
  • StarTribe dances are drug and alcohol free.
  • Bring water!
  • For children ten and under: Please bring protective ear muffs and keep them with you at all times.


Morphonic is the DJ project of Maurice Legendre, based in Asheville, NC. As a purpose, Morphonic is the mission to instigate transformation in people through a sonic experience. Knowing first hand the profound change that can occur from the unrestrained expression of music through dance. Like a butterfly released from its mundane existence as a caterpillar, music can be the chrysalis that gives wings to the dancer and the wind to dance upon.

Morphonic travels across genres from the deep vibrations of bass music and the undulating rhythms of world beat, to the fun and funky vintage sounds of swing, soul, blues, jazz and rock remixed into upbeat electronic dance music. Variety is the spice of life and Morphonic serves up the right flavor to fit the mood. Styles of music include yet are not limited to; Electro Swing, Nu Funk, Goddess Trap, Forest Spirit Womp, Psy-Dub, World Beat, Jello Crunk, WestCoast Glitch Step, Blues Fusion, Medicine House, Chill Step and Ecstatic Dance Styles.

Morphonic takes inspiration from and has shared a stage with artists like Clozee, Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers, Soohan, Numatik, The Human Experience, Living Light, A Hundred Drums, Raga-Sutra, Push-Pull, Empire Strikes Brass and more. With an emphasis on a blend of electronic beats and acoustic sounds, Morphonic endeavors to keep a natural touch to the driving electronic vibrations. Whether a hard-core electronic dance enthusiast, or new to the world of electronica, Morphonic has something for almost everyone. Dedicated to personal growth, transformation, dance and the music that brings us together in joyful self-expression, Maurice is honored to share the sonic styling of Morphonic to all who seek to transform their body, mind and heart through dance.

The Purpose of StarTribe

StarTribe is a community of the nicest, coolest people that together light up the dance floor with positive energy. And dance with your tribe in a magical setting = unrivaled therapy for the mind, body, and spirit.

For thousands of years, countless cultures all over the world have danced for the purpose of community and self improvement, making dance of this kind an invaluable part of life.

The StarTribe ecstatic dance experience, with musicians like Morphonic, fulfill a 'community passion' for dance under open skies of the outdoors. StarTribe believes that dance within this energetic, high-minded container is among the most consciousness enhancing practices that we can do.

In much of the Western world, however, the scope of dance has become narrow and limited with the theme often being of noisy, unnatural nightclubs and bars which may not exactly be empowering, relative to what’s possible.

But there’s a revival of late towards more meaningful dance – dance that takes place in special outdoor settings and within a real sense of community, much like it was for millennia. This is where to find your tribe....StarTribe.

Thousands of people have participated in StarTribe, and for the real spirit of dance. There’s something especially moving and powerful about an entire community of people coming together for this experience, and YOU are warmly invited!

StarTribe is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to community transformation on the dance floor.

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Did you know the StarTribe sound system is available for rental?

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