Are you ready to get down with your StarTribe...and Mikaya playing live on the 22 speaker StarTribe sound system...and at the coolest venue in the southeast?

Hooray for such a rare opportunity to do what we love most...and right here at the premier location in Asheville!

  • Be at Pack Square by 6:30PM for the opening ceremony!
  • StarTribe dances are rain or shine!
  • StarTribe dances are drug and alcohol free.
  • Free attendance for kids 12 & under.
  • Bring water!
  • And reserve your space early!


Mikaya Swabb, founder of Dance Church Maui, uses a spectrum of musical genres to deepen somatic embodiment through movement, breath and presence. He has a deep understanding of set arrangements for conscious dance events, yoga classes and ceremonies through his 8+ years of experience. Mikaya's mixes inspire meditation through movement in ways that widen the scope of one's self-awareness and self-expression. His mixes use a spectrum of musical genres to deepen somatic embodiment through movement, breath and presence. Using a large bell curve progression his DJ sets begin peacefully, build momentum and contrast, and then land softly with resolution and grace. He has a gift for finding beautiful tracks that cover a broad spectrum of musical genres like global bass, tropical house, techno, glitch hop, downtempo, classical and ambient.

The StarTribe Vision:

For thousands of years, countless cultures all over the world have danced for the purpose of community and self improvement, making dance of this kind an invaluable part of life.

The StarTribe ecstatic dances, with musicians like Mikaya, fulfill a passion for dance within the natural outdoor elements and a tight-knit community. StarTribe believes that dance within this energetic, high-minded container is among the most consciousness enhancing activities we can do for ourselves.

In much of the Western world, however, the scope of dance has become narrow and limited with the theme often being of noisy, unnatural nightclubs and bars which may not exactly be empowering, relative to what’s possible.

But there’s a revival of late towards more meaningful dance – dance that takes place in special outdoor settings and within a real sense of community, much like it was for millennia. This is where to find your tribe - StarTribe.

Thousands of people have participated in StarTribe, and for the real spirit of dance. There’s something especially moving and powerful about an entire community of people coming together for this experience, and YOU are warmly invited.

StarTribe is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to community transformation. That includes YOU.

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Did you know the StarTribe sound system is available for rental?

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