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Dear StarTriber,

The 2024 The magic of the 2024 Summer Solstice Dance on June 22 is nearing!

Celebrating the longest day of the year with ecstatic dance has been treasured by many StarTribers over the past decade (after all, we don't call ourselves StarTribe for nothin'!)

StarTribers (like you) together in the beautiful setting of Pack Square Park, dancing to the world-class music of talented musicians like ATYYA, Katt, Kevin Spears, and Illusion of Duality (played through the StarTribe sound system, aka the 'bass monster') makes for an experience that may just not be so simple to rival.

And for all of these reasons, it's unanimous that the therapeutic value (and fun-factor) of StarTribe Dances is unlike anything else.


  • Doors open at 5:45pm. Come early to check in with your Tribe. RUMOR is there may even be free face painting for early entry.
  • StarTribe is booze, drug, and smoke free.
  • Bring your own water, and prepare to sweat. Yes, we'll do our best to provide extra water for those who show up with a diet soda!..but please don't bank on it. Snacks such as cacao and superfood bars will be provided, too.


  • For children five and under, please bring sound protective ear muffs that fully cover their ears. While the volume is limited to 100 decibels, children's ears are much more sensitive than adult's, and it is a priority of StarTribe to protect their hearing.
  • Please keep your children with you at all times - for the safety of our young StarTribers!
  • Attendance is free for children twelve and under. And for StarTribers over 100.



ATYYA [pronounced ah-tie-ah] is the music project of Canadian Producer Tyy Clark. ATYYA’s illustrious sound features dark alluring baselines, mesmerising percussive grooves, and other worldly atmospheres. Tyy Started producing music in 2006, Launched ATYYA in 2012, and began touring internationally in 2013. As of now, he has more than 100 tracks released, and more than 10 million plays. ATYYA’s signature sound is recognised globally which has brought him on tour throughout North America, as well as many exotic destinations including Turkey, Israel, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Costa Rica and more.

Tyy is the founder and CEO of Production Labs, an online brand selling Sample Packs, Courses, and more. Additionally, he is a professional mixing & Mastering engineer. “ATYYA Mastering” has been active for over 6 years with nearly 1000 songs mastered for his clients to date.

Tyy is also a Trained Keyboardist & Percussionist who studied at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. His technical understanding of music combined with his boundless artistic passion fuel his success in the studio. ATYYA’s fans have much to look forward to this year with an array of new music releases, live mixes, and tour dates, supporting ATYYA’s motive to bring people together through music.

Illusion of Duality

The Illusion of Duality can be found somewhere in between the Bass & the Treble… This alchemical artist has been on a musical journey since birth to truly re-discover his sound. Born & raised on the west coast playing strings, percussion & keys, The Illusion of Duality honed his craft on the decks far before electronic music was popular in the early 2000’s. With the use of frequency embedded in a universe of rhythm he navigates between the Darkness & the Light to bridge the gap between electronic and organic. On the dance floor, his worldly sound will guide you on an ever evolving adventure of downtempo bass, medicine house and pure vibes sure to lead you “home”. Beyond the good or the evil, to a place where we are all ONE.


A vocal powerhouse, Katrina Lilly has been a full-time music maker for the last 8 years, and part-time musician for several years before that. In addition to being a singer/songwriter, performer, and recording artist, she is also a vocal coach/teacher and specializes in teaching vocal activation, confidence building, songwriting, and the art of singing harmony. Her vocal style is refreshingly authentic and she’s often compared to the stylings/sound of Erykah Badu and even Adele. She weaves inspirational lyrics, free flow channeling, and soulful sounds to create transformational music journeys that evoke deep emotion from her listeners. She plays keyboard/piano, ukulele, guitar, drum, and occasionally other instruments as needed to support her big, soulful voice.

Kevin Spears

Considered by many as one of the best kalimba players alive today, Kevin Spears' musical gifts have astounded audiences around the world and rewritten what was thought humanly impossible on this exotic musical instrument.

The StarTribe Vision

Across cultures and throughout history, the ancient art of dance has held a profound and transformative power, capable of uplifting the soul in ways words often cannot express.

It's about coming together as a community, bound by our shared love for music and the universal language of dance under the stars. It's about finding strength in our collective spirit.

At Startribe we treasure the finding of solace in the company of kindred spirits, sharing laughter, love, and the unspoken language of movement. It's unanimous that StarTribe dances are where the human spirit shines brightest. (Again, we don't call ourselves StarTribe for nothin'!)

So come, dear StarTriber, join us under the canopy of the star-lit sky as we gather in the power of dance. Togetherness is the spirit of StarTribe, and you are warmly invited.

StarTribe is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to community transformation on the dance floor.

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